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Kiamsha is a Swahili word that translates to "That which awakens me". The Temple of Kiamsha is a collective body of artists, visionaries, and free spirits. 

"We are a generation composed of all ages, races, cultures, and religions. We are dedicated to upholding the fundamental truths of peace, unity, and universal love...We are a generation whose sole purpose is based upon alleviating suffering, revealing truth, expanding our knowledge of ourselves and others, opening our hearts to divine knowledge of ourselves and others, and being generous and compassionate to all we encounter. We represent love not as an emotion, but as a universal force of nature created to heal and transform humanity, animal kind, and Mother Earth."

-Statement from The Love Generation


To serve as a platform and artist outlet to engage the planet in an international discussion of the issues that are adversely affecting the quality of human life, and our environment. We aim to provide a peaceful forum where thoughts can be expressed through music, dance, poetry, and other art forms. We also aim to fundraise for and build awareness of the multitude of organizations and individuals working to promote peace and tolerance in the world and unite said organizations on international, national, and grassroot levels. 

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